Eyvor’s story

Eyvor is a 16-year-old Norse woman who has her own smithy, a passion for weapons and swordplay. She has also learned the wisdom of Runes. Eyvor might be considered a typical Norse woman. She is quiet, willful and tall.

Eyvor lives in Ullinsvangr, a small village by the beautiful fjord called Hardangerfjorden (Norway), with her older sister and brother and her two nephews Halfdan and Ivar.

Eyvor dreams about becoming a viking and has asked the Norse God Odin for help. She is waiting for his sign on what to do. Suddenly something happens and she has to make a choice between the known and the unknown.

Is Odin the one who pulled the strings?

I would rather be the master in my own house, than marry a man and have him as my master.