Will I finish my first romance novel?

I have always written stories, but never longer than 5.000 words. I am an impatient woman and when I work on something for a longer period of time, I loose interest. But in May 2016 I decided to challenge myself and write a story that is longer than 30.000 words.

Wow! Just looking at that number gets me itchy.

I have made a story outline, character descriptions and written the headline and action for alle the chapters. And now you maybe think: She hasn’t written a thing!

But, I have! 12 of 25 chapters are done. Just 13 more. I’m looking for critique partners to give me honest feedback.

But the most important question is: Will I finish my first romance novel?

I have found this wonderful app called JotterPad which lets me write ANYWHERE. On the bus, waiting for my dentist, when I am eating breakfast. I’ve got a monkey mind and it’s always busy chatting and making up stories. JotterPad helps my monkey mind!

Ooops! Time to update chapter 11.

Let’s talk soon. Love, Silvia.




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